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Sodali is recognized as the global leader in corporate governance consulting, shareholder transactions and institutional investor relations. When a company's board and managers are facing demands from investors, looking for their support, or trying to manage their expectations, they turn to Sodali for advice and services.

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General meetings and transactional services

Sodali regards Annual General Meetings, proxy solicitation and other transactions requiring shareholder response as the building blocks for a company’s corporate governance and investor outreach programs.

We bring a systematic, research-based methodology to every mandate. Capitalizing on our global expertise and proprietary databases, we assemble shareholder data and prepare a comprehensive Ownership Analysis Report. We then review the company’s governance profile, analyze the issues and develop a set of strategic alternatives. After agreeing on a plan of action, we oversee the conduct of the communication and outreach campaign to maximize shareholder participation. We carefully review transaction results and prepare a final report and recommendations.

Sodali uses this methodology to achieve successful results in a variety of transactional assignments: EGMs, bondholder campaigns, reorganizations, capital restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, response to shareholder activists, contests for control, takeover bids and other cross-border initiatives.

In every case Sodali works closely with clients and their advisors to achieve important goals: maximize shareholder response and support, facilitate information flow and share voting, develop data and insights about shareholders, strengthen shareholder communication and outreach, improve networking and establish credible and productive relationships with institutional decision-makers. Well-run shareholder transactions help companies reduce confrontation with shareholders, avoid negative publicity and generally align their strategic goals with the interests of their investors.

Transactional Services include:


    • 1) Research and collection of ownership data
    • 2) Strategic ownership analysis
    • 3) Retail segmentation and implementation programs
    • 4) Coordination with investor relations

    • 1) Pre-meeting data collection and analysis
    • 2) Meeting planning and document review
    • 3) Vote projection
    • 4) Outreach to proxy advisors and intermediaries
    • 5) Vote solicitation campaign
    • 6) Monitoring institutional voting instructions
    • 7) Vote reconciliation and tabulation
    • 8) Post-meeting findings and recommendations

    • 1) Issue analysis and consultation
    • 2) Governance assessment
    • 3) Vote projection and vulnerability analysis
    • 4) Communication strategy
    • 5) Outreach to institutional investors and advisors
    • 6) Vote solicitation strategy
    • 7) Shareholder engagement campaign
    • 8) Monitoring and tabulation of shareholder votes
    • 9) Conduct of shareholder meeting
    • 10) Analysis of votes results

    • 1) Analysis of share ownership, cross-shareholdings and market activity
    • 2) Review of corporate governance
    • 3) Issue analysis and vote projection
    • 4) Communication and transaction execution
    • 5) Monitoring of share voting and flow back
    • 6) Update of shareholder base
    • 7) Post-meeting review and recommendations

    • 1) Vulnerability analysis
    • 2) Governance Assessment
    • 3) Strategic response plan
    • 4) Formation and duties of the defense team and advisors
    • 5) Investor perception and market monitoring
    • 6) Communication and road shows

    • 1) Identification of the bondholder base
    • 2) Feedback on bondholder sentiment
    • 3) Issue analysis – evaluation of strategic implications
    • 4) Communication strategy
    • 5) Engagement with investors
    • 6) Outreach to intermediaries – technical assistance
    • 7) Transaction execution